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"This is a picture of all my favorite Glow* quotes on note cards :) I’m going to put it up on my wall. I made it so I would have a daily reminder to Glow* :) "

NinjaPanda on Glow* and Tell.

This is truly beautiful.

- Kristina

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Taking what we love about Glow* and making it shine brighter!

This is place for us glow* girls to talk when we need to talk. We all love glow* but sometimes it feels like what we really want or need to talk about has nothing to do with the post or questions on glow* that day.

So this place is supposed to be our second refuge. A place where we can always post what is going on in our lives, a place where we can share our stories, or quotes or just a random thought. A place where we can talk and help each other.

Ignited is a place for our community. A place for all the girls around the world who glow*.